Self-directed support (SDS)2017-12-12T12:55:04+00:00

What is self-directed support?

Self-directed support (SDS) gives you have more flexibility, choice, and control over the care and support you need. It means you can decide where, when and in what way you get your support. You can also have as little, or as much help as you want to arrange your support.

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How do I get self-directed support?

You need to take part in an assessment to determine if you are eligible for self-directed support. A professional will help you complete this assessment and identify your estimated budget. You may need to contribute financially towards your support. Most people come into contact with health and social care professionals through a referral.
You can either self-refer or have a referral completed on your behalf by:
  • Relatives or carers

  • Health and social care staff

  • GP or acute hospital staff

  • Voluntary organisations

  • Education professionals or teachers

  • Court system officers